Your Handwriting Reveals Your Personality
Although the term 'graphology' is relatively recent, the subject itself dates back many centuries, having originally (as far as we can tell) been taken from Southern India to China and from there to Greece, circa 2,000 BC.

The appreciation of handwriting analysis itself dates back to at least 1622, and a critique by an Italian scholar. In the 1870s, French priest Jean Hypolite Michon made efforts to establish graphology as science.

Whatever trait a person shows in his handwriting, he tends to show that in every other action he is habitual of. Like a seismograph needle, the pen detects and transmits unseen tremors, creating a style of handwriting which is as unique as fingerprints. This is the basic tenet of graphology, or the science of handwriting, as it is known. It is for this reason that handwriting can reveal the deepest traits of one's personality and character.

As one observer put it: "Your writing is formed according to impulses from the brain via the nervous system and muscles in your hand. A number of questions can be answered just from the samples of person's handwriting:
* Is he intelligent and competitive?
* Is he self confident?
* Is he abnormal?
* Is he cold, warm or indifferent? And so on.

This book shows you how to arrive at the correct answers, and it does so in simple language with the help of handwriting specimens of various types.