Mark Your Words
Mark Your Words takes you on to a new journey, discovering new words, knowing new words and using new words. It will in reality ensure your command on the words that you use. And you will actually see your vocabulary growing to such states of effectiveness that each word that you use will stand out and will be counted. It has basic guidelines on how to improve your technical and day to day vocabulary allowing you to mark every word that you read, speak and hear. It also has 36 well designed tests, incorporating the following elements that define how well you know the words that you encounter:
  • Reference to context,
  • Words meaning the same
  • Homonyms
  • Personality types
  • Human conditions
  • Words and their meanings
  • Verbs that represent emotions
  • Business page of the newspaper
  • Prefixes, stems and suffixes,
  • Word relations,
  • Adjectives that have to do with friends, enemies, personalities,
  • Nouns that have something to do with force and pressure,
  • Verbs that have something to do with violence, negativity,
  • Multi-meanings
  • English for business
  • Vocabulary through riddles
  • Brainteasers
  • The science of word formation and the way a dictionary grows, etc
It is yet another essential book from Dr. Ajay Rai for any one who needs to have successful and commanding presence in any group, gathering or examination.