Build Powerful Vocabulary
As we learn new words, our capacity to respond to and understand ourselves, and the world around us, also increases.

As our understanding increases, so does our sensitivity to identify new and more sophisticated words with their more subtle meanings, opening to us parts of our personalities which are more complicated and meaningful.

This book will see you build a powerful vocabulary. In addition to some extremely important facts abut what makes English language such an important tool for real success in life, it has 55 well designed tests, incorporating the following elements that define how well you know the English language:
  • Adjectives to do with sizes, strengths, friends, enemies, personalities,
  • Verbs and how to turn them into nouns,
  • Nouns and how to turn them into verbs,
  • Personality types and human conditions,
  • English of the newspaper headlines,
  • Joys of good vocabulary,
  • Increasing your vocabulary,
  • Prefixes, stems and suffixes,
  • Nouns to do with toughness, insults and unpleasantness!
  • English for business,
  • Specializations,
  • Verbs with power,
  • Homonyms,
  • Antonyms and synonyms,
  • English through riddles, etc.
This book is an essential reading from Dr. Ajay Rai, for any one who wants to have a successful and commanding presence in any group, gathering or examination.