Increase Your Vocabulary Word by Word
This book shows you how to arrive at the correct answers, and it does so in simple language with the help of handwriting specimens of various types.

This book will actually see you increase your vocabulary word by word. It has basic, time tested guidelines on how to effectively read, listen to, and use the dictionary to ultimately build an impressive vocabulary word by word. It also has 62 well designed tests, incorporating the following elements that define how well you know the English language:
  • Prefixes, stems and suffixes,
  • Word relations,
  • Adjectives that have to do with sizes, shapes, unpleasantness, friends, enemies, personalities,
  • Nouns that to do with pleasantness, toughness, sorrows and sufferings,
  • Verbs that have something to do with violence, negativity,
  • Words that represent newspaper headings,
  • Specializations,
  • Cliché,
  • Multi-meanings
  • English for business
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Vocabulary through riddles
  • Brainteasers
  • Reference to context,
  • The science of word formation and the way a dictionary grows, etc.
It is an essential book for any one who needs to have successful and commanding presence in any group, gathering or examination.