All You Want To Know About Yourself:
You have in your hands a book which is all about the GREAT MARVEL, that is us. Well, almost. Among other things it tell you all about:-

Eyebrows and eyelashes.
The skins and how it is waterproof.
The spring in our walk, blinking, aching, and being frightened, etc.
Sleep and sleep walking, dreaming and forgetting, and choking.
The size of the brain, yawning, the swing in our walk, the whiteness in our nails, etc.
The hurt in our pain, the singing in our ears, the lost eye, the hiccup, etc.
The sneeze, the blush, etc.
The ESP, the electrodynamic nature of man, IQs of the mentally retarded and the geniuses, vampires and vampire bats, the origin of life, something about dreams and mothering and everything you wanted to know about fingerprints

A very interesting book, indeed!