Consultancy is a one to one interaction that enables you to do the task in hand successfully. Sessions with Dr. Rai - and the needed follow up action - will ensure success, especially in cases where you are:

Trying To Get A Job That You Deserve
Dr. Rai will guide you to the job that is the best for you.

Keen To Get The Project That You Want
Dr. Rai will help you design your project that succeeds well, and effectively.

Making Business Plans
We cannot run our business in an ad hoc way anymore. Dr. Rai will help you run your business with effective, meticulous planning that meets the requirement and challenges of an ever changing needs

Dreaming To Be An Entrepreneur
There is no pre-requirement for being an entrepreneur. Anybody with a passion can make great success in this field. Dr. Rai will guide and ensure that you too succeed in becoming an entrepreneur.

A Housewife Who Wants To Be A Businessperson
Today, housewives are educated and have distinct personalities. Dr. Rai will help effectively those who want to run a business well and successfully.

A Retired Person Who Wants To Be A Businessperson
Retirement need not be an end of productive life. Dr. Rai will help and guide our seniors identify profitable work that uses their experiences, efforts and time effectively.

[Special] Consultancy for Educational Institutions

New institutions

Existing institutions that need mentoring

Dr. Ajay Rai
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