Vocational Aptitude Tests - VATs
Art and Literature:
Many people, especially those connected with the field of art and literature, believe that the aptitude for art and literature can never be measured by a scientifically designed psychological test.
This is not true.
VAT - Art and Literature is a unique test, based on testing the skills of the individual. The test tells you in definite terms whether you really have the aptitude for the field of Art and Literature.
That the field of accountancy is a challenging career, there is no doubt. It requires a sharp reasoning power and an ability to be at home with mathematics. It also requires an inherent sense of awareness of how to understand and use language in its proper form.
VAT - Accountancy tests your aptitudes to know for sure whether you can have a sure success in the field of accountancy.
To be successful as an entrepreneur, you should be able to infer, reason, have general knowledge, personal impressiveness, initiative, thoroughness, ability to observe, concentrate, be decisive, adaptable, and have organizing ability. Above all, you should have the fire in your belly, and the grit to succeed.
Do you have these qualities?
VAT - Entrepreneurship will help you find out.
Home Science:
Apart from questions to test qualities like inference, reasoning, general studies, language, power of judgement, the VAT on Home Science evaluates your vocational aptitude for this field, and will also tell you whether you can have successful human relations in the home, community and with your own self.
A unique experience, this!
Today, journalism has become very vital. In fact, the very existence of a free, democratic world depends on journalism, which keeps it healthy, vibrant and does not allow it to stale and get corrupted.
What abilities does journalism require? What kind of personal motives should a journalist have?
VAT - Journalism evaluates whether you have qualities to become part of this very challenging, yet equally satisfying, field.
The most important qualities in a lawyer are: reasoning, ability to grasp things quickly, completely and sharply. In short, if you wish to be part of this field, you should have not only excellent memory, ability to read and understand things very clearly and a razor sharp reasoning power, but a lot more.
VAT - Law tell you in no uncertain terms whether you have the aptitude for the field of law.
A test to measure one's vocational aptitude in this field.
VAT - Nursing will explore with you your aptitudes and come out with a clear cut evaluation of your prospective place in the field of nursing.
Office Work:
Every kind of office work requires accuracy and speed. These are apart from the general aptitudes for reasoning, inference, general knowledge, language, verbal analogies and vocabulary.
VAT - Office Work gives you a very clear view on your prospective place in the field of Office Work.
Science & Engineering:
Whether you have the aptitude for science and engineering depends on whether you have the mental make-up for it. And, what this mental make up is? Apart from the obvious qualities like knowledge of mathematics, science and the language, you should also have abilities to reason, infer, etc.
VAT - Science & Engineering is a definite tool to evaluate your potential for this field.
A person aspiring to be a teacher is supposed to have general professional information, knowledge about one's culture, history, etc., language proficiency, and the other general abilities like reasoning, inference, arithmetical knowledge, etc. And a lot more.
VAT - Teaching shows you the degree to which you have the affinity with the field of teaching.
  General Aptitude Tests - GATs
The importance of having General Aptitude for Mathematics is necessary for success in any or all vocations. There is no part of our lives which is not touched by mathematics. Its importance can hardly be contested.
GAT - Mathematics tests you very accurately on skills that define your success in mathematics.
Language is one of the aptitudes which is needed in whatever vocation one chooses and pursues. Whatever we are, we have the basic need to communicate with each other - something that can be possible only through language. Without it, no success is possible even if one has the highest degree of special aptitude for the vocation one desires to follow.
GAT - Language tells you clearly your current status in language ability.
Can you think of any phase of life where the ability to memorise is not important? Of course you cannot. This is more so in the field of work. Without the ability to remember (which is produced by memory) all the development that takes place in all the fields is meaningless. Memory, thus, is one of the general aptitudes necessary for the success in any or all vocations.
GAT - Memory test your ability to remember in very interesting ways.
Reasoning is yet again one of the general aptitudes which are necessary for success in any or all vocations. It is through reasoning that we arrive at solutions, which are needed for any success.
GAT - Reasoning evaluates your ability to reason accurately.
Verbal Analogies:
Verbal analogies are also one of the general aptitudes which are necessary for success in any or all vocations. Although closely connected with the general aptitudes for language and reasoning, verbal analogies are important in their own way.
GAT - Verbal Analogies tests your ability for this aptitude very clearly.
The need to concentrate is relative and depends from career to career, but is essential for each. It defines special success in your field of work. In fact, the presence or absence of concentration can make or mar a person's life. This is true even in case the person has all other relevant aptitudes. It is truly said that one should decide on a vocation and go after it with fierce concentration and nothing can defeat him.
GAT - Concentration tells you very clearly the degree to which you can concentrate.
  Vocational Interest Test - VIT
Vocational tests are important because they narrow down the field of Vocational Interest Test is a device by which patterns of interests are determined. It is assumed that if a man likes to do things which men who are successful in a given occupation like to do and dislikes to do the things which these same men dislike to do, he will feel at home in that occupation environment.
It should be remembered that while ascertaining the probable liking for a vocation, it is not necessary that the person has full knowledge about the vocation.
This test takes you throughout the choices that are available to all of us, and identifies the areas that are best suited to you.
  Intelligence Quotient - IQ
Success in any vocation depends, to a very large extent, on intelligence. Intelligence is one of the most important single factor responsible for success in ANY field of activities of our lives. A person can never be happy in the field of work which requires less intelligence (and ability) than he has. High intelligence is always accompanied by high intellectual curiosity which, in turn, stimulates the intellectual processes, till it bursts into brilliance. However, this happens only when everything moves smoothly, including the vocational life.
There are other characteristics of and misconceptions about intelligence, too. Each one of us is born with widely different abilities (intelligence produces abilities), and these manifest themselves increasingly throughout our lives.
Test to measure your intelligence is a composite package which evaluates your current status of intelligence.
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